Larry Oxenham


How Photographers Become Invincible to Lawsuits and Save Thousands in Taxes

Learn the strategies and tools the nation’s top law firms use to save their clients millions of dollars each year. This lecture provides solutions to three major problems: lawsuits, taxes, and probate. From this lecture you will learn:

l How to make yourself unattractive to a plaintiff attorney so they will not pursue a lawsuit against you.

l Five tax reduction strategies often missed by professionals and their advisors.

l Tools you can use to pass assets to your heirs tax free.



1. Structure business for lawsuit protection and prevention

2. Reduce liability insurance costs.

3. Minimize taxes.

4. Create successful estate and business succession plan.



Larry Oxenham, Author, Senior Advisor

l Author of several books including: Protect Your Assets and The Asset Protection Bible.

l Has presented at hundreds of conventions, conferences, and seminars across the country with excellent reviews.

l Over two decades of experience as a senior advisor with clients in all fifty states.

l His career has been credited with helping thousands of clients save millions of dollars.


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