Doug Box


Make Money with Your Camera  and Write Off Your Vacations

Wow! The industry has changed! Some things are definitely better, but some of the changes are hurting the industry. I still
believe that good lighting and good posing have a place it the industry. I believe that client scan still see the difference.
At one time in my career, business just seemed to find me. Today, I have to find it! As I travel around the country and visit
with studios, the ones weathering the storm are the same ones that are marketing their pants off.

Look for new markets. Create a new market, style or product.

Remember, it is 2015. The same ideas that worked in the early 2000’s, 90’s, or the 80’s don’t work now. There are many ways
to make money using your camera. This class will show you how to follow your passion, do something you love, and make more
money .  Everyone has their own reasons for making money in photography whether you are  full time or part time, whether you
work from home or a commercial building. Some want to make money, some want to follow your passion or express your
creativity, or even give back to your community.  We will discuss 60 ways to get more business, and 125 types of businesses
you can do to make more money. We will also make sure you are writing off everything you can to increase your profits.








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