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“Photographing the Nighttime Landscape”

An educational how-to program designed to open up your eyes to the possibility of photographing landscapes with the star filled sky as a backdrop all with just one shot. Questions will be encouraged during the entire presentation. The subjects covered will be on necessary equipment as well as camera setting for both star points and star trails. Some additional topics covered will be overcoming the challenges of focusing and composing at night and some minor tips on post processing the images.  The program will conclude with a segment on “light painting” of a foreground subject as well as overcoming obstacles when the conditions are less than ideal.  Students will leave with a clear understanding of the techniques required and implement them out in the field for themselves.

My e-book on the subject; “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky” was released in Feb. 2011.

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“Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level”

This in-depth Q&A Hands on macro photography workshop will show you the technical tips and tricks needed to take your macro photography to the next level!  Many people are comfortable with creating shallow focus macro images but I will show you how to achieve consistently sharp images with maximum depth of field all in a single frame!!!  Topics covered will range from gear to specific settings for you to maximize your time spent out in the field. Overcoming distracting backgrounds will be discussed in depth with photographic examples showing you how easy they are to overcome.  The use of natural light will be covered but a heavy emphasis will be placed on using flash correctly in the field to properly balance the exposure and achieve dramatic results.  We will look at some frequently used tricks by the pros that you can easily apply in the field to quickly improve your macro skills.  Many of these tips and tricks are inexpensive and can be done using the gear you already own!  During the entire workshop you can ask questions to ensure that you go home with a better understanding of all the topics covered in the program and create tack sharp macro images of your very own.

Bring your camera, macro lens, and flash, if you have it, with a fully charged battery and fresh memory card.  Knowledge of where to change your camera settings is required to participate.  Sigma will provide some loaner lenses for you to try out during this hands-on workshop.

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I was born and raised in NJ and started out attending art school in NY for graphic design in the mid- 1980’s. During that time, I received my first film camera and that moment changed the direction of my life forever! The camera allowed me to combine my love of our natural world by giving me the tool to capture all that beauty I saw in an artistic way. I immersed myself in all technical aspects of photography, from my humble beginnings in a camera club, to now being a full time professional nature photographer. In 2003 I started a boutique photography tour company called Roamin’ with Roman Photo Tours. I lead and instruct on all my tours and only take small groups (only 4 participants in the US).  The company has grown through the years to include international destinations such as Tanzania and Iceland and continues to expand to include a variety of photographic locations.

As a proud member of the Sigma Pro Photography team and a highly sought after presenter, I lecture all across the country from local camera clubs to large national events.  The recent national list includes the Photographic Society of America, the New England Camera Club Council, the Florida Birding and Photo Fest, the Nature Visions Photography Expo, the Horizon Photography Summit, the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club Council Conference, and at the Festival of Cranes.  Keynote presentations include the Chicago Area Photographers Camera Club Conference, The Berks Photographic Conference, and the Southwest Michigan Camera Club Council. Teaching photography, as others have taught me, is my passion and gives me the greatest reward.

In February of 2011, I released an e-book on nighttime landscape photography; “A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky” and in January 2014 released the e-book “Taking Your Macro Photography to the Next Level”.

I have been married to Pura since 1989 and besides that first camera; she has given me the greatest gift in my sons Gregory and Ian.

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